Frances Alice Kellor to Education Committee of the Progressive National Service, November 21, 1913



I want you to know as a member of the Education Committee that on October 17th, I brought certain matters to the attention of Dr. Lindsay in connection with Mr. Hibben and his work and recommended his dismissal.

As there was no time to call a meeting of the Education Committee before my departure for an extended trip west, Dr. Lindsay suggested that, until he could confer with the members of his Committee, Mr. Hibben be given a leave of absence until November 20th the date of my return, although he recognized the necessity for a definitive dismissal of Mr. Hibben.

On my return to the City this morning, I found conditions which rendered it imperative that Mr. Hibben be dismissed immediately. Owing to the illness of Dr. Lindsay, before when no matters can be bought at this time and the necessity for acting at once, I have dismissed Mr. Hibben with pay until January 1st.

On the recovery of Dr. Lindsay, a meeting of your Committee will be called at which this whole matter will be presented.

Very truly yours,

Chief of Service.