Graham Taylor to Jane Addams, May 23, 1914



May 23, 1914.

Miss Jane Addams,
800 S. Halsted Street,
Chicago, Illinois.


My dear Miss Addams: --

This treasurer's statement for the month of April reports the situation as I had to leave it when I went to Memphis to preside over the National Conference of Charities and Correction. What I was able to advance myself tided the work over until I returned. Since then I have been doing what I could to reduce the deficit this month.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to plan for the camp outings of the boys and girls. To reduce expenditures on this account, we have decided to hold the camp at Elgin only one month instead of two, taking the little girls out there for the first two weeks in July and the little boys the last two weeks.

To provide outings for the older school boys and the younger working boys who have usually gone to camp at Elgin, we have arranged with the managers of the Boy Scout camp at Whitehall, Michigan, to take as many of these boys as we can send at the rate of $6 for each boy's transportation and keep for the twelve days. We expect every boy to pay $2 of this amount and we will raise $4 each for as many boys as we can thus send across the Lake.

As we do not have to send an attendant resident with them, although it would be far better to do so, this arrangement will save us a month's salary at $100.

For the older school girls and the younger working girls we have to stay home. We are getting entrance for a few of them at Holiday Home, Lake Geneva, and are arranging shorter and longer outings for children whom we cannot send to camp, at as many country homes as we can open to them and in as many suburbs as will help us give the larger day picnics.

Having received from a church in California $106 to clear up and equip the rear lots on which the demolished cottages stood, for a little children's playground, we hope to have its flower beds planted, its sand-boxes and swings ready in a few days. We have also raised $150 additional toward the salary of a playground director for the summer.

Very truly yours,

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