Raymond Robins to Jane Addams, March 9, 1914


March 9, 1914.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, 800 S. Halsted Street, Chicago.

Dear Miss Addams: --

Returning to Chicago from organization work downstate, I find your valued favor of February twentieth enclosing certain suggestions from Miss Carpenter of New York. I also note what you have to say regarding resignation from the Executive Committee of the Progressive Party. I shall be very glad indeed to talk with you regarding both subjects when you are next in Chicago. I have just been advised that you are south and will not return for some days.

Organization work downstate is progressing very happily. I have now visited thirty counties holding an organization conference in the afternoon with the chairman and members of the County Committee and such other Progressives as can be brought to attend, followed in the evening by an open mass meeting where the Progressive program is presented to the public. We are building a vital organization and if I am free to continue this work throughout the hundred and two counties of Illinois we shall not be ashamed of our showing at the elections in November.

Trusting that you are well and enjoying your brief respite in the south,

Faithfully yours,

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