Address to the Chicago Principal's Association, October 10, 1903 (excerpt)


Praises Child-Labor Law.

Superintendent Cooley also spoke before the Chicago Principals' association in Fullerton hall at the Art Institute. He said:

"Notwithstanding the fact that the new child-labor law has been enforced a little more than one month, its benefits are reflected in the increased attendance in the public schools. When the law is older and the teachers and principals become better acquainted with its provisions, I have no doubt that the benefits will be even more apparent."

Jane Addams of Hull House, in discussing the provisions of the law requiring principals of schools to issue age and educational certificates to children desiring to leave school and go to work, said:

"Much depends upon the intelligent and sympathetic [cooperation] of the principals in making the enforcement of the child-labor law a success. Parents are already giving the ages of their children as 6 when they are really but 4, in order to evade the law and permit them to leave school when they are 14. Demand birth certificates if you are in doubt, and do not let parents impose upon you regarding the ages of their children."

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