Comments at a Kitchen Symposium at the Hull-House Woman's Club, January 22, 1903 (excerpt)


Miss Addams Thinks Likewise.

Miss Jane Addams at once got up, saying:

"I must say a word about the attractive kitchen Mrs. Bingham has shown us. It seems to me kitchens are too bare, and that is one reason why housewives tire of cooking and why cooks grow dissatisfied. People apparently lock up all the possess of variety in the fronts of their houses, giving only the smallest attention to their kitchens. They strive to make them clean and bare."

"I think the least attractive thing about a kitchen is the pantry," said Mrs. Ida Foster Cronk. "I'd wipe the pantry right out if I wanted a decent kitchen. A pantry has grown to be a place for odds and ends and all the undesirable things that accumulate dirt. Pantries are not at all necessary. I would have a cupboard, not so high but what I could reach the top shelf -- and right here I would like to ask why an architect or carpenter insists upon those awful top shelves? They don't do a bit of good. You never reach way up there, except when house-cleaning time comes. I would have my table at the side of the range and a shelf above it for tea can, spices, and the like. My pans I would hang up about the range. There would be no closed plumbing under the sink either."

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