William Colfax Graves to Owen Reed Lovejoy, April 25, 1914


April 25, 1914.

Mr. Owen R. Lovejoy, Gen. Sec'y,
National Child Labor Committee,
105 E. 22nd St.,
New York City.

My dear Sir: --

Miss Addams has sent to Mr. Rosenwald the letter you wrote her, under date of April 15th suggesting a possible contribution from him to the Committee in addition to the 100 which he has been giving. While I have no idea whether Mr. Rosenwald would be able to see his way to comply with your request, I desire, before taking the matter up with him, that you write me the total amount of your receipts and disbursements for last year, the names of the leading contributors and the amounts given by each, your budget for the present year, and the names of leading contributors thereto and the amounts contributed by each.

Thanking you for this information, I am,

Very truly yours,

Secretary to
Julius Rosenwald.

Copy to Miss Addams.