Henry P. Chandler and William Rainey Harper to Jane Addams, December 16, 1904

December 16, 1904

My dear Miss Addams

I am sending you twelve tickets to the Convocation next Tuesday evening. If you desire more, I shall be very glad to supply them.

You were considerate to send us your photograph so promptly and to promise us a copy of your address. President Harper has informed me that you will not be at his dinner Monday evening, but that you will attend the reception. We shall be glad, therefore, to count upon you to receive with President and Mrs. Harper, Professor Pais of Naples, Mr. Gifford, the Convocation Chaplain, and possibly others. Could we help you by furnishing a carriage from the Fifty-seventh Street station to Hutchinson Hall, or for the return, or would anything else that we could provide contribute to your comfort? We are anxious to do everything that we can to make your presence at the coming festivities comfortable and easy. We are sorry that you cannot be with us at all of the exercises, especially the Matutinal on Tuesday, but we appreciate your situation and are very glad that you can favor us as much as you can.

Yours very sincerely,

H. P. Chandler [stamped]
Secretary to the President [stamped]

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.

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P.S.  You will understand that our desire to provide a carriage or assist you in any other way, applies to both Monday and Tuesday evenings.