Jane Addams to Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett, July 30, 1913

July 30, 1913.
My dear Mrs. Barnett:-

My handwriting is so shocking that I am going to ask you to let me send you a typewritten letter.

I am so grateful for the clippings you sent and for your dear letter of the 10th of July. I am sure we could get you fine audiences interested in the Housing question. I should say that the best time to come would be early Spring -- February, March or early May. Won't you let me know as soon as your plans are formulated! The question of garden cities is fast being agitated in America and it would mean a good deal to have it set forth properly by you; American settlements everywhere would [cooperate]. I think you scarcely know the veneration and affection in which we all hold Canon Barnett and yourself.

We are having a meeting of the American Federation of Settlements in Pittsburg on September 24th, at which we are to have a little memorial service for Canon Barnett. Mr. Woods has asked me to lead it but he will also be responsible for part of it. We have had many letters from settlement people hoping that some such service would be held then, not only for the recognition to Canon Barnett but because many of the younger people [page 2] are very eager to know more about him.

Of course, you are quite right in what you say about not using Canon Barnett's name to exploit any undertakings, even the very best. His name is incorporated, however, in many American settlements and we are indebted to you and to him, not only for the first formulating of the settlement idea but also for holding it to its best possible achievement. 

<Please let me urge you to come to us, I can't think of a greater blessing than a visit from you, there might be a grain of comfort in the [widespread] settlements over the country who would be delighted to do you honor. You are much in my mind, dear, dear friend.

Always devotedly yours>

Jane Addams [signed]