Henrieta Octavia Rowland Barnett to Jane Addams, October 11, 1913


11. 10. 13

My dear friend and counselor

I am sending the Article to the "Survey". It has been written in deep pain, but with uplifting joy in the [recalling] of his beautiful gentle nature.

I have been too sad to trust my own judgment & dear "I'll ask Samuel" [page 2] has been to me the refrain of 41 years, as "I'll talk to my missus" had been his -- & I so feared to make a mistake in this the first thing I had written of him, so I sent the article with earnest requests for candid criticism to 4 people --

1. The Rector of Exeter College, Oxford; & a contemporary who had for 40 no! 36 years shared his educational aspirations [page 3] & a man of high & delicate taste -- I enclose you his letter, W. W. Jackson

II The member for [Falkirk] Boroughs, I.B. an old Resident, & one of his most faithful close friends who came to see him every week -- a man living in the big world, & who has ever been very jealous for him, & anxious to claim due recognition for him. I enclose you his letter. J A Murray Macdonald.

III The Vicar of [Portslade]. Who lived with us 8 years, & was his secretary for 7 years, & curate too. A man of fine literary taste a "student scholar(ship)" man of Christ Church, Oxford --  I enclose you his letter.

IV. Miss Paterson, our friend for 37 years & as you will see by the Canons will the one he remembered in it. She signs herself "Chickee."

Dear Lady. I only send them to you to read in apology for sending you <at all> the article. I am so conscious that it is worthless of [page 4] the subject of it.

I enclose you also the cablegram from Pittsburgh, & I shld be so very grateful if you wld dictate to me a long letter telling me about those two meetings. Each day I hope for a letter -- & none has come. I am settled in my new sad pretty little [page 5] house, & am striving to go on, but it is very difficult.

My love to you for your taking

H. O. Barnett [signed]

11 10 13