Cleo Murtland to Jane Addams, October 6, 1913


October 6, 1913.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
800 South Halsted St.,
Chicago, Ills.

My dear Miss Addams:

As Mr. Prosser is away from the office, I will answer the letter received from you this morning saying that you would serve on the committee for girls and women in the National Society. As Secretary of this committee, I am most interested in the work that is to be done by the committee and welcome to its membership women who have great interest and wide experience in dealing with girls and women.

The committee met Friday afternoon October 3rd and beyond electing Miss Virginia Potter chairman of the committee, myself Secretary, and setting the first Wednesday of each month as the regular time for meeting, nothing was done except planning for a meeting which is to follow this week. The report I offered was rather long and the problems too great for lengthy discussion. It was suggested that an outline of the points made in this report be sent to the members of the committee before the next meeting so that each one might be prepared beforehand for the discussion. I am enclosing you a copy of this outline. The committee meets at #1 Lexington Ave., Wednesday October 8th, 4 P.M. This meeting will be for the purpose of formulating policies which are to be presented at the luncheon in Grand Rapids, Mich. Saturday, October 25th. I sincerely hope you can attend the luncheon for I do earnestly hope that we can put up a strong constructive program for next year's work and through the interest of the people in attendance at the luncheon, I hope to get much support in carrying out whatever program may be decided upon.

I shall be very grateful for comments on the enclosed suggestions. I shall be glad also to inform you the result of next Wednesday's meeting if you are unable to attend.

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The regular meetings of the committee will begin with the first Wednesday in November.

Most cordially yours,

Assistant Secretary.