Joint Resolution, January 20, 1913



Relating to hearings before and records of committees of the legislature.

RESOLVED by the Assembly, the Senate concurring, That there be added to the rules, a new rule to read: 29a. 1. The chairman or acting chairman of each committee of the legislature shall keep, or cause to keep, a record, in which there shall be entered:

(a) The time and place of each hearing, and of each meeting of the committee.

(b) The attendance of committee members at each meeting.

(c) The name of each person appearing before the committee, with the name of the person, persons, firm or corporation in whose behalf such appearance is made.

(d) The vote of each member on all motions, bills, resolutions and amendments acted upon.

2. Such record shall be ready and approved before the expiration of ten days after each committee meeting, or at the next regular meeting of the committee.

3. Every committee hearing shall be open to the public.

4. There shall be filed, in the proper envelope, with every bill or resolution reported upon, a sheet containing the foregoing information as to such bill or resolution, with a duplicate thereof to be filed by the chief clerk numerically by the number of the bill in such form as to be most accessible for the use of the members and the public, during the session, and at the end thereof in the office of the secretary of state.

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