Jane Addams to Katharine Coman, January 14, 1913


Jan. 14, 1913

My dear Miss Coman: --

I should be very glad indeed if you could look up the whole question of social insurance when you are in Europe. I am enclosing an outline of the Progressive Service which you may have seen before. It has been changed somewhat, but the idea is that the people in charge of the four blocks on the lower line will feed information into the educational department and also the Legislative Reference Bureau. The latter has been definitively started with Dean Lewis of the Pennsylvania Law School in charge.

If is awfully good of you to suggest introductions to some of the English people in Egypt. I should be enormously interested in meeting some of them and getting at the situation which is indeed a vexed one as I understand it. [page 2] Will you let me have your European address? It is just possible that I may stay over into June partly for the International Suffrage Association at Budapest, and in that case I would have an opportunity of seeing you.

Hoping that you are getting better every day, I am

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Miss [Katharine] Coman,