Benjamin Barr Lindsey to Jane Addams, July 2, 1906


Denver, Colorado, July 2nd, 1906.

Miss Jane Addams,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams:-- Your kind letter is received. Of course, I need hardly tell you that I never suspicioned that that miserable newspaper fake could come from any of our friends. The thing that I regretted about it was especially the mentioning of your name, and the annoyance it gave others. I also of course, regretted the annoyance it gave me, but since I have been in public life I have grown more or less callous about these things; but I do not recall having been so completely mortified and provoked. It seems to me the newspapers have a most profane way of doing things.

I do want you to serve on the Committee, and I am just now writing to the different prospective members to get their consent, and I shall assume I have yours. There will not be very much to do and I hope to call the meeting at the time Mrs. Blaine arranges her Truancy Conference. When the date is settled for this conference, I wish you would be good enough to advise me, if I am not already imposing too much upon your generosity.

With kindest regards, I am,

Sincerely Yours,