Ada Lois James to Jane Addams, June 26, 1912


June 26, 1912.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams:

Yesterday I received a letter from Mrs. Runge, chairman of Sauk County committee. I am enclosing part of it. Mrs. Ringling probably thought you could give them an evening, although one of them suggested that you could go across the country, but you see they have come to the conclusion that if they had you for an afternoon, that they could not have you for an evening later and that seems not to suit them.

Her county fair plan is excellent and I am writing to the secretary to secure a list of the fairs in the state. Then I think we shall get out a list of speakers and the time they can give us during the fair [season]. [Speakers] of national reputation, saying that they will give addresses at the country fairs, some for fifty dollars, some at Twenty-five dollars and others and Fifteen dollars. I believe we could make quite a deal of money on this. One fair manager offered Mrs. Stewart $25.00 to speak at their county fair. It is not a very large fair either. I don't know whether you speak out doors or not, but we could reach an immense number of people this way and not only make it pay [for] itself, but put money into our treasury. We would be out comparatively little, except for the expenses of the speaker.

[Will] you please let me know whether you would be willing to have us use your name this way, and what time you could give us? The fairs begin after the middle of August and extend to about the middle of October. We could coin money off of you, if you don't think this would be a nervy thing to do.

Cordially yours,