Jane Addams to Theodore Roosevelt, August 24, 1912


Aug. 24T

Bar Harbor, Maine.

My dear Mr Roosevelt

Your letter of Aug. 16T. came this morning with the English telegram enclosed. Mrs Fawcett is a well known English woman of cultivation and social distinction at the head of the Union of the Woman's [page 2] Suffrage Societies, which have consistently opposed the militant tactics of Mrs Pankhurst's association. I can think of no one whose commendation would be more significant. I am sending the telegram with some comments to Miss Kellor at the Manhattan Hotel that she [page 3] may give it directly to the Associated Press. I am also sending it to the "Woman's Journal."

I have promised to write six articles on the social economic planks from the point of view of my own experience with poorer people. They are, I believe to be distributed through the Central Press to some of [page 4] the opposing papers as well as to the Progressive ones. I hope very much that they may be of use. I am sure I need not tell you how glad I am to be of service in this splendid new movement and how much I wish you success.

Very Sincerely Yours

Jane Addams