Albert Jeremiah Beveridge to Jane Addams, October 1, 1912


Oct. 1, 1912.

My dear Miss [Addams],

Answering your letter of the 28th: I am very grateful to you. The dates you state are wholly satisfactory.

I have taken the liberty of handing your letter to our State Committee; and have communicated with Dr. Amelia Keller, President of the Equal Franchise League.

My only regret is that the requirements of warfare compel me to be in another part of the state when you are here in Indianapolis.

It looks now as though we will probably win. If we do the women of Indiana will have votes just as soon as we can force <through the legislature> a major or a constitutional convention; and you may rest assured that if I am elected that will be pushed with all possible speed.

Thanking you again, I am, dear Miss [Addams],


Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.