Sarah G. Putnam to Jane Addams, August 13, 1912


Chocorua New Hampshire

Aug. 13th 1912

Dear Miss Addams --

I am unhappy that you -- a fine, and very prominent woman -- should have joined the so called progressive party, that plans to take the vote from many colored people. I am an ardent believer in [page 2] woman suffrage. I feel that there is no more reason for refusing a colored man or woman the vote than a man or woman with a paler complexion. I am afraid that your joining this party will do lots of harm. If you should back out of it, on account of its fearful injustice to the negro, [page 3] you would do an [enormous] amount of good. It is a horror to me that a believer in woman suffrage should allow stealing the vote from any man, or woman of adequate mind, simply on account of a different coloring. My [handwriting] is queer, as I am an [page 4] invalid at present, and my hands are affected.

Truly yours,

Sarah G. Putnam.

My winter address is Boston, Mass

Forgive me if I have put anything in any way I should not have done.

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