Erving Winslow to Jane Addams, August 12, 1912



40 Central St., Boston.  Aug. 12, 1912

Miss Jane Addams.

Dear Miss Addams:

You have been [misled]. The President of the United States can do little or nothing to carry out the noble work to which your life is devoted, but he can bring political ruin upon the country by his political methods. He can destroy the constitution; he can involve us in war; he can maintain a Diaz dynasty based on the appeal of the demagogue to the great mass of the "Adullamites." He has been sounded upon Anti-Imperialism as an issue with Taft, and he has thrown it down hard!

Do not speak for him, which involves speaking for all he is and the monstrous evils which he can bring upon us.

I am your obedient servant,

Erving Winslow [signed]

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