Clara Beebe Spence to Jane Addams, August 11, 1912


Sunday, August 11th, 1912


My dear Miss Addams:

'Lloyd's Weekly News' of this morning has brought me the first report of the Convention at Chicago. I am longing for American papers which I am sure, Miss Baker will send me. That the nomination was seconded by you is a big, historical event, and my heart thrills with pride and gladness. [page 2] It will take all my poise and self-control not to stump our State for Mr. Roosevelt but I presume the School Ma'am better keep close to her vocation and to her avocation of looking after the orphan babies! I hope that you are resting with your good friend in Bar Harbor and that the air and change will bring refreshment. I am staying seven weeks with Ethel Arnold, here, in her own charming [page 3] little grey stone cottage, hidden on the top of a little hill and surrounded by roses and flowers of all kinds and where the birds delight to live.

You can imagine my pleasure in seeing health gradually, slowly, but it seems to me, surely coming back to Ethel, and I am beginning to believe that she will, in time, be strong and well, and able to live "on the heights."

I walk from 8 to 10 miles [page 4] a day, read 2 or 3 hours, drive, go fishing with Miss Arnold, and altogether I am having a very ideal holiday. There aren't any children or babies in this neighborhood, and yesterday when I felt I must see some little child, I enquired of Brown, the gardener, who informed me that he had a baby daughter one month old, and at once promised me that I could see her next week. With that anticipation, I can now say that this part of the world is quite perfect! With all good [continued up the left side of page 1] wishes & thanking you in the name of all women for what you are,

I am,
sincerely yours,

Clara B. Spence.

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