Jane Addams to Sophonisba P. Breckinridge, August 11, 1912

Bar Harbor, Maine.

Dear Lady

What do you think about the possibility of securing Mrs Barnett as a campaign speaker?

Would you like to talk it over with Mrs John Bass who is at the Progressive Party Headquarters, at the La Salle Hotel are they not? -- and if it seems well should you communicate [page 2] with Mrs Barnett?

I went to The Woman's Journal headquarters when I was at Boston on Tuesday and spent several hours there, writing out my position in regard to the new party in Suffrage assn's.

Miss Levine & Miss Carter were very nice and seem to be on the best of terms with Miss Blackwell. Mrs FitzGerald seems to think that the New Party & women therein [page 3] was fine material for forcing the other parties. She had already moved very successfully upon the Democratic Governor of Mass.

Will you please thank Miss Abbott for her clippings. Do go sometime into the La Salle Hotel headquarters and tell me how Mrs Bass is coming on. Always

devotedly yrs Jane Addams Aug 11 1912