Martha Carey Thomas to Jane Addams, July 15, 1912


July 15, 1912.

Dear Miss Addams,

I must apologize for not having written at once as soon as I received your telegram about Mary Randolph Thomas but I have been so busy over our new buildings that I have hardly had a moment for dictation.

As I telegraphed you I know nothing whatever of Mary Randolph Thomas. She is of course no relation of mine and I had never heard of her until she called on me one day at Bryn Mawr and asked if she might tell me about the Wisconsin suffrage campaign. She talked a good deal about Miss Wagner and Mrs. Benedict and on the whole seemed very friendly with Mrs. Benedict. As I know President Van Hise and several other people at the University of Wisconsin I can easily find out for you about her standing there if you wish me to.

I have reached the conclusion that Miss Wagner is completely unbalanced mentally. Since she was here in February she has sent me letters, newspaper clippings, telegrams, of the wildest nature to none of which I have replied because she did not keep the promise she made me at Bryn Mawr which was to write apologizing to Miss Shaw and saying that under no circumstances could she be guilty of publishing private letters that Miss Shaw had written to her in confidence.

With very kind regards

Sincerely yours,