Harriet Burton Laidlaw to Jane Addams, July 8, 1912




Dear Miss Addams:

I thought these clippings would interest you! -- Rose has had almost all the rest of the teeth on the one side of her jaw out. The systematic work of discrediting and maligning her before the pending trial of Carboni (the attacking cadet) is going on. Some of her old friends have been persistently approached and filled with stories against her. One of them who had asked her to dine sent her home the other night saying that she was convinced from "what she had heard" that Rose was diseased and [page 2] that she had been suffering in health because she had "been getting rid of babies"!! -- Doctors are very reluctant now to "mix up" in her care because they fear to be called to court. However I have had my cousin Dr. Travell examine her at her request. He is now so indignant at all the accusations that he is willing to testify for her, go on the stand, -- anything as absolute evidence he asked the poor girl to go through the "Wasserman test" which reaches back 20 years. He took her to the board of health for this and she now has not only his but their certificate that [page 3] not one trace of any evidence of disease or immorality is found. 

I am enclosing some of the Ohio stamps gotten out by the 25th Assembly District of the W.S.P.

I have just received Miss Blackwell's letter while I deprecate any more of these communications, I am telling Miss Blackwell that her very reserved "last word" can do no harm except to violate the general principle the Board laid down on the subject, but that, on the other hand as so many things have gone as she [page 4] would rather not have had them go it is no more than right that she should do as she wishes about this. She certainly has acted very well, and seems to be working most generously with Miss Levine. Miss Levine I saw the other day, and she was so happy and so full of hope and energy.

I have just had a $100 check from Mrs. Lutz for my N.Y. 10, 100's  I am after.

Yours with admiring regard,

Harriet B. Laidlaw

Monday July 8th 1912