Jane Addams to Harriet Burton Laidlaw, April 10, 1912


April 10, 1912.

My dear Mrs. Laidlaw: --

I find on the minutes of our Bryn Mawr meeting that you, Mrs. [FitzGerald] and myself were appointed a Committee to suggest better methods of nomination and election for the National Woman Suffrage Association.

I have investigated the Chicago Woman's Club and one or two other large bodies here, and hope to bring with me for the meeting on the twenty-first several suggestions from their experience. Could you do something of the same sort, and we could perhaps have a hurried Committee Meeting before presenting our conclusions to the Board. After all, the Board will have to decide finally and all we can do is to make suggestions. I am sure it will do much to restore popular confidence in the next Convention if some better method can be devised.

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mrs. Harriet Burton Laidlaw
New York, N.Y.

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