May Taylor Dewhurst to Jane Addams, February 4, 1911


My dear Miss Addams, --

I am sending under another cover the book and in this envelope the notes which which will make some things clearer. Such reports are so voluminous that these may help in calling attention to some conditions in our city differing from those which are given in the general report.

I am glad personally that this occasion which, for many reasons I regret profoundly, has given me some insight into the union question and I am very glad that you have talked with me so frankly.

I am wondering if the highest [page 2] ideal of union is not a union which makes employer and employee [cooperate] -- makes them loyal to each other. Such a union is peace and not war.

If the employer is seeking to give freedom, stimulate the minds and make good health possible and work pleasant, I feel that I can work with such a company and not be criminal in not encouraging a strike for a union.

Most sincerely yours
May Taylor Dewhurst.

February 4. 1911.

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