Jane Addams to Hannah Clothier Hull, June 13, 1929


June 13th, 1929.

My dear Mrs. Hull:

I hope you won't think me unappreciative and disagreeable when I say that I very much dislike the idea of the Fund. In the first place the Carnegie, Ginn and other peace funds are doing what they can along that line. There is ↑would be↓ so much energy spent raising the two million dollars that ought to be spent for the cause of peace itself!

I have also particularly disliked exploiting affection and friendship in the interest of collecting a fund. I remember after Dr. Harper's death that it took so long to secure enough money to build the Harper Memorial Library, I used to imagine how much he would hate it if he knew the appeals which were being made.

I also believe that we do what we can on this earth, and when we pass on we ought to give the next set a chance.

I really feel that memorials and monuments on the whole are a good deal of a nuisance.

Perhaps I can talk this over with you when I see you, but in the meantime do what you can to head off the movement, if it has attained the importance ↑of a movement!↓

I have half promised to attend John Dewey's seventieth birthday anniversary in New York in October. Perhaps, I could attend a Board Meeting at [page 2] that time, but I am afraid I could not come East again until December when I have a definite engagement for Mr. Ely's Town Hall. I am going to try to take these engagements very easily and not add much thereunto but a board meeting would not seem quite as strenuous as more speaking engagements.

Feeling assured that you will understand this grouchiness, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

↑P. S. I am adding my idea of old age as you see!↓