Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, January 31, 1912



My dear Alice

I have sent the year book & the many reports which I hope will arrive safely. We have been quite submerged in family affairs lately, poor Louise Hulbert has scarlet fever and was with difficulty gotten into the annex of the Augustana Hospital & then Mary came [page 2] down with the mumps. However both patients are doing well and we are much relieved.

I am going south to Augusta with Mrs Bowen for two weeks in Feby -- starting the 11th, to finish my McClure articles for a book which Macmillan brings out in March. Helen Bowen is [page 3] married the 10th and we start the next day with Louise Bowen.

Mary Smith sends her love to you, always your loving sister

Jane Addams

Jany 31" 1912