Introductory Note to Children in American Street Trades, [1905]

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The following article is [filled?] embraces material which was collected on ↑in↓ Chicago ↑Sept, 4 & 5, 1903,↓ under a Committee appointed by the Federation of Chicago Settlements. At that time it was hoped that an ordinance might be secured offering ↑affords↓ some degree of protection to the boys herein described. It has not yet been possible to secure ↑obtain↓ this ↑such a↓ measure and in the belief that the public apathy is the result of ignorance of the real situation ↑tho, Committee [sends? out] offers↓ this reprint has been [one] from the Annals of the American Academy ↑of Pol. Science↓. It is written by Mr. Myron Adams who [page 2] gave the Committee most valuable assistance in their investigation of the conditions of 1000 newsboys taken from ↑working within↓ the loop and from ↑in↓ 6 more typical outlying districts.

There has been no material ↑essential↓ change in the Chicago conditions since this article was written and the Committee feels ↑believes↓ that it fairly presents ↑portrays↓ the present situation today.

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