Jane Addams to Florence Gottschalk Taussig, January 12, 1925



Hull-House -- Chicago, Illinois

My dear Mrs. Taussig:

Mrs. Catt is trying to get together the Conservative organizations and has said from the beginning she would not invite any Peace Societies. I had a long talk with her when she was here, and I think ↑agreed↓ she ought to be allowed to try it out.

The League of Women Voters asked me to be one of their delegates as did the Women's Trade Union League, but I declined them both on the ground that it looked as if there was going to be opposition in Washington and it would be better not to give a chance for the cry of interlocking directorates.

Mrs. Catt and I have had ↑a long↓ correspondence and she sent me a complimentary ticket entitling me to sit on the platform, etc.

↑I would like to show the letters some time, in fact I want very much to see you on general practices.

Hastily but always devotedly yours↓

Jane Addams [signed]

↑Jany 12" 1925↓

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