Hints for the Preparation of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's Washington Conference, 1923



Organizing of a special Committee for the Congress-preparation to [cooperate] with the national and international office.

This committee to consist of Subcommittees for the different aspects of the work. The subcommittees should have members of every local branch or group of the whole United States. Even where there is only one member she should represent her locality.

A Men's [Sympathizing] Committee [organized]. Congressmen, Senators, representatives of all classes, churches, etc. etc.

The Propaganda Committee immediately to start negotiations with proper authorities to have the Conference [advertised] by the stamping of the mail (like "Live Stock exhibition")

Hospitality Committee to start list of hospitality offers in Washington and Chicago. To propose a money contribution from those who cannot offer hospitality because they don't live in these two localities. Contributors becoming official members of Reception Committee.

All men and women pacifist speakers or lecturers sympathizing with our aims to be furnished with ample information and requested to announce the Washington meeting at every lecture they hold. (A full month has been wasted in this field alone!)

Press Committee to ask all important news-agencies, syndicates, magazines to designate already now their reporter for the Conference so that they may be continually furnished with all the current news of the preparations. At the same time the reliable pacifist journalists all over the country should be induced to apply at the same papers for the commission to report the Conference.

Congress stamps and other material immediately to be made and sold.

Congress poster Suggest this

The right could certainly be obtained by courtesy of the owner (the International Wom. Suffer. All.)

List of the most desirable delegates from foreign countries to be made and national branches to be requested to make special efforts to get them here.

National Organizations of different nationalities in America should be notified that distinguished country-women of theirs are coming. Planning of peace meetings for them all over U.S. after our Conference

Foreign Press informed. [page 2]

Special attention to important groups that can be made "spectacular" features for the "jazzy" press.

F.I. All women officially serving the L.o.V. as representatives their government.

Group of women who were persecuted during the war for peace activities. Some French, English, Miss [Glücklich] who was sentenced to three days prison, etc.

Young peoples group.

Professional organizations to be informed of distinguished members of their profession. F.i. Gert Woker, the "Swiss Madam Currie"; Professional meetings to be arranged for them all over the States after or even better before Conference.

Chautauqua to be requested to take this summer as many of their foreign speakers on their circuit, as can and are willing to stay for some time in America.

It would be peace propaganda and at the same time those speakers could earn some money.

Canadian, South-American, Australian, African and Asiatic delegates, Invitation to governments for delegates

American government to be represented

[American government] to entertain Conference in Capitol.

All American publishers to be requested to send two copies of every publication on peace, internationalism, for an exhibition of American peace literature. One set afterwards to be kept in national office, the other to be given to international office.

All pacifist organizations asked to make up an exhibition of their publications.

A Who is Who of the Conference to be edited (Advertisements to pay for it.)

Big firms to be requested to contribute also "in nature" f.i. papers printing, pencils. All with Conference advertisement.

Pageant be prepared.

All public libraries of the country to be requested to prepare special catalogue on peace literature for use during Washington Conference.

(I hurriedly jotted down these few suggestions, without time of bringing them in logical order. It is by no means a complete list of things that should be done right away. Just a few hints.) [page 3]

Photos and personal data of coming delegates to be collected for the use of the press -- and the propaganda committee.