Harry Joseph Myers to Jane Addams, July 1, 1911

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
South Halsted Street,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Madam:

In reply to your letter June 24th:

Were I certain that you knew to what extent the Society is working for those same objects in which you are most interested, and the value of the service which our organization performs for thousands of parents and students seeking educational advantages, and for those institutions which really supply educational needs, I should not ask that you give further consideration to the subject of your election to the Advisory Council of the Society.

You may not have noted that the Society is not a charitable organization, but an educational institution which performs an invaluable service for young men and women in any community, by assisting them to obtain educational advantages, more power physically, mentally and morally, and a higher degree of usefulness. It provides the "ounce of prevention" which makes the "pound of cure" unnecessary, and in this particular its work differs from those of other altruistic institutions which give shelter to the pauper class or redeem the criminal.

I would emphasize the point that we desire not only professional educators in our Council, but especially those who have knowledge of the educational needs and conditions in the public schools of the United States and of all classes of our people.

Though you may be unable to give any study to the questions, subjects or problems submitted to you as a counsellor, there will be many on which you can give authoritative opinions out of your knowledge and experience at very little expense of time or labor. This service we think you will be willing to give.

The personnel of our Council includes men and women eminent for their mental energy and moral excellence, and adds materially to the working capital of the Society, for it [page 2] gives not only elevation and vigor to our locals and purposes, but to the extent that we bring the personality of these counsellors into our work, in the same measure is the efficiency of that work increased.

Awaiting your further very kind favor, I am,
Very sincerely yours,
 Harry J. Myers [signed]

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