Anonymous (A well wisher in Your Project) to Jane Addams, December 2, 1911


Miss Jane Addams.

Dear Miss

I have been reading your article in McClure's Magazine, and am interested. It had always been my impression that society is much to blame for the increase in White slave traffic.

I [agree] with you that [page 2] the agencies of foreign [deportion] of young and pretty girls thrives, and these girls do not know what they are doing, for it is carried on daily here by the French, also Jews, and until recently there had been nothing said.

I think men that do such business should receive capital punishment and it is the only way to suppress such vice.  I do not believe many [page 3] of our American Boys act in the capacity of cadets. I also believe our American women are above the average in the business, I do not believe that any sane woman leads such a life through choice.  I think that they are driven to it either by their parents or society at large.

First they make a mistake and they are never permitted to forget for a minute that they are criminals [page 4] and as such must be treated with contempt or made to feel inferior to others.

What a vast amount of souls could be saved if women would only help each other, treat these women kindly, make them think they are [too] good to lead such lives take them by the hand not as an inferior, but put them on a social basis making it interesting for them, and they will [page 5] have been, how degrading their lives it will lessen the evil by a large majority. 

The Almighty God made women to help one another and as Mothers we should study our children's nature and try and form it from the cradle.

I do not believe it right to scoff at the erring but give them a kind word and helping hand and then if we can do no good leave them. [page 6] I have known of several cases where these women have married and tried hard to do right and society has made it so [illegible] miserable for them, and so outraged their feelings that they have gone back vowing vengeance and are more than before believing that God has penalized them.

There are a few that are strong enough to fight the great battle. 

If Mothers could stop and [page 7] think, that they have children, and do unto others as they would have them do by theirs it would certainly help. I shall tell you what I should do if I had money or power, I should build a home for just such women, and the aged, and little children. The home for women I should try and make it like a home and not a shelter, I should put [page 8] them on their honor, and not watch any move they made.

I should try and teach them that there was something in the world to live for and make them [ambitious] to obtain something higher than wearing apparel and jewels.

Why do they not go after the department stores where such small wage is paid but fine dress required, how can they do it honestly. [page 9] Those are the things to rectify.

Take the Fallen one and treat her as if she were human, give her a chance to live, get her a position that will pay fair wages and at the same time something she can elevate herself in, not in some rich home where there are Sons, who would probably lead her to do worse.

If you can find one or more of the christian [page 10] women who will take these women in their homes and give them employment, I should like to know it!

They are grafted upon on all sides as a rule in large cities the Police will take their money and then raid them and drive them into the streets with out a [sou] or a shelter do they offer to provide employment for them or a shelter to cover them nor it is a [page 11] case of doing the best they can, therefore they go into the best neighborhoods and hide, and run on the sly.

I am Sincerely
a well wisher in Your Project

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