Jane Addams to Lucy Biddle Lewis, February 20, 1923

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Darjeeling -- India Feby 20" 1923

My dear Mrs Lewis

Louie Bennetts letter sent to Paris reached me yesterday in Calcutta. Will you kindly send it on to Hollingsworth Wood in New York? I haven't his address here. I imagine that it is too late to be of any service, but I have written to Louie Bennett and I hope that Mr Wood will. The [enclosed] cable also was forwarded to Calcutta. I am not much on "messages" [page 2] and I am sure that you are giving Miss Woods anything that she can use about the Congress -- which by the way I find was very well reported over here.

We have in India almost a month and have had most interesting experiences from lunching with the Viceroy up and down. We found it impossible to see Gandhi, he has but two visitors every three months, one of course is his wife and there is great [page 3] competition among his followers for the other one. The movement is very diversified and always interesting as we come across his followers -- or worshippers as some of them call themselves -- every day.

I do hope that you found your mother well when you got back and the W. I. L. work isn't too heavy.

Do write me c/o the American Express at [Peking?], there will be just about time for it. [page 4] Did I write you of my nice visit with Miss Balch at Port Said. She looked so well and seemed so surprised that we had thought her condition serious that I had quite a fit of remorse over the action we had taken. Of course she was as nice as she could be about it, and it may have been the very best thing.

Always devotedly yours

Jane Addams.