Jane Addams to Tano Jōdai, December 13, 1923

Hull House

My dear Miss [Jōdai]:

Mary Smith and I were very grateful for your letter of October 23d for while we had heard that you were safe, it was very reassuring to have a letter directly from you. We were so sorry not to see you at the boat but suspected that there had been a mistake in the hour of sailing.

As you see by the [enclosed] circular, we are planning our next international congress in Washington next May. I do hope that your plans in regard to studying in the United States are maturing and that you can come to the Congress on your way to Ann Arbor as it were. Will you write me about it and I am sure you know that I would be only too glad to be of any service in the matter.

We talked about you so much in those first terrible days of anxiety in Honolulu when we did not know whether our newly made friends had been lost or not. Please give my love to Mrs [Inouye] and the others, and in the hope of seeing you soon, believe me devotedly yours

Jane Addams [signed]

December 13th 1923

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