Jane Addams to Hannah Clothier Hull, January 31, 1925


January 31, 1925

My dear Mrs. Hull:

I consider your letter to Mrs. Catt quite a masterpiece. There is such bewilderment among our members everywhere as to our relations to the Washington Conference and especially after Mrs. Catt's address that I wonder if it would do to put the letter into the bulletin [Madeleine] Doty is getting out now, or if that would not be fair, ↑or↓ could you make a little statement about it?

Mrs. Catt is usually so careful I cannot understand why she would have said that particular thing about being expelled unless the situation left a rankle behind and broke out quite unexpectedly to herself. However, I am not a psychiatrist. It seems to me you have managed both situations extremely well.

I am going to make a little statement before our Womens Chicago Branch. I was in Madison the other day to speak at a hearing of the Child Labor Amendment, when the W.I.L. Branch there gave me a dinner. They are an awfully nice set. I almost "fished" for an invitation to have the national meeting there but ↑without much success.↓ I believe we would do better to have it Atlantic City or some point in the east, in May.

Hastily but always devotedly yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mrs. Wm. I. Hull,
Swarthmore, Penn.