Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, August 24, 1911

Hulls Cove


Of course I will stay until Friday! I was so pleased at the prospect of being here together that I thought if we started Miss Wald's week earlier, you would get here sooner. I do hope you will feel that you can have the week with her instead of Bethel. It should please these people very much if you would -- Wald, Bowen, J. A. However there's no hurry about that [page 2] you see Miss Starr wanted to come this week and must be with Miss Linden and the coming little Linden by the 2d week in Sept when pater familias go off to a cruise, Mrs Blaisdell may come too so I thought I would do my best for them for a few days.

Miss Hannig I leave on Friday at 3.40 & spend the night in Portland, it is really the best way, or will telegraph on train for them as we have a faint hope for an 8 A.M. [page 3] We leave Miss Benedict by herself [with] the Hamptonites but Miss Nancrede is due next Wed--

We are just off to Mrs Kelley's. Bless you, Dearest. I do wish you could really believe that I would rather be with you than anyone else. Always yrs

J. A. 

Aug 24"