Charles F. Huhlein to Susan Look Avery, December 28, 1909


Louisville, December 28th, 1909

Mrs. Susan Look Avery,

My dear Mrs. Avery:--

Upon arriving at my home last night I found a copy of Miss Jane Addams' book, "The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets", which had come for Mrs. Huhlein and myself, along with your card. I read the book before retiring and must say that it is the most stirring volume I ever read. It is a wonderful recital of conditions, and I wish that every parent, teacher, and public official could read it, understand it and apply its lessons.

I am writing several preachers and other influential men today, urging them to read the book.

Mrs. Huhlein will read the book at earliest opportunity, and will no doubt make a very early opportunity, because of my commendation of the book. 

My wife and I join in wishing you all the joys of the holiday season, and we trust that we may be able to see you here soon.

With all good wishes for the New Year, and most [grateful] thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness in sending us the delightful book, believe me,

Very truly yours,

Charles F. Huhlein [signed]

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