Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, June 11, 1923


Grand Hôtel de Pékin

Peking, June 11" 1923.

Dear Emily Balch --

I am writing this on the train because there was no time in Peking the very last day after I had seen Dr Stuart of Peking University -- (Yenching not the National). Miss Kendall told me of your plan and we both tried very hard to [peel?] off something definite. Miss Kendall has doubtless written you of the prospect of Yenching. There is no doubt that they want you very much indeed and that there is a prospect of [some] money next year [although] they can't count it in the budget now. At the National University they are still more cautious [although] Grover Clark (of the Peking Leader) and his wife who both teach there are pulling for it [and] think that it may come off. [page 2] There are so many schools in Peking & Mr ↑Stewart↓ Burgess of the Y.M.C.A. who did the Peking Survey with Mr Gamble is starting a School of Philanthropy and you will find him very sympathetic.

If I were you, I would take it on a chance because if you are on the ground the openings are much more available.

Miss Bowden Smith, a friend of Miss Kendall's who has a private school, says there are many openings for education in China.

There is certainly great need for pacifist work. It is too bad to have China give over to the military governors in each province. We saw a good deal of the governmental people, the new premier Dr Yen, we met [several] times and became enormously interested in China's immediate future.

We started a little band in Peking of the W.I.L.P.F. with Mrs Gro. Clark as [page 3] the main spring, [although] an English woman Mrs Hillier was a close second.

I do not know what the journey would cost on a French boat directly from Marseilles to Shanghai but I would try to get help on that on the ground of your organizing for the W.I.L. We will be stupid indeed not to take advantage of this moment in China. I do not know what Miss Cheever's plans are but the Grand Hotel de Pekin is one of the most comfortable hotels I was ever in which makes special rates by the month -- a Miss Burton who [runs?] [illegible] [services here?] a boarding house nearby which is very nice it seemed to me. I am sure Miss Kendall really wants you to come very much and that the year would be an awfully interesting one.

If by any chance you should come to the U.S.A. first of course you will see me en route [through] Chicago -- I will be back Sept first. [page 4] Peking is the most hospitable place in the world, just ahead of Nanking and Shanghai, I would say.

The F.O.R. [thanks] to Dr Hodgkin [is found everywhere], you must see him in Shanghai if you come.

I can't tell you how eager I am to have you do it. I am so anxious to hear from you after you have seen the situation at Geneva. Will Mrs Karsten go back, will Miss Holmes [help] with the work itself, how is C. Marshall.

I am so glad that you and Miss Cheever [are] both better, please give my love to her and believe me Always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

En route to Mukden