Paxton Pattison Hibben to Jane Addams, June 12, 1924

ROOM 1027

June 12, 1924

My dear Miss Addams:

You are interested in establishing peace in the world. You want honesty and fair dealing among nations. Every thinking man and woman does.

But are you interested enough to do something practical to bring peace to pass? We haven't much time, you know. Peace must be insured in time of peace -- it cannot be done in time of war. And I assure you, with all the earnestness that is in me, that if we would make peace permanent, we must move now.

The EMERGENCY FOREIGN POLICY CONFERENCE proposes to do just that. There are many plans to end war, but the plan of the EMERGENCY FOREIGN POLICY CONFERENCE is a definite, practical program of action, in which every man and woman in the country can join, constructively. It is given in the enclosed leaflet.

To carry out this purpose, it is not enough merely to think -- we must act, also. We must do more. We must sacrifice something for the peace we believe in as, a little while ago, we sacrificed so much for war.

"The American people can end war in our time, if they get on the job," says Major General John F. O'Ryan. They can. You can.

But you can do nothing alone. Only if thousands join in a common effort can anything effective be accomplished -- and only them, if each gives as much as he possibly can to make peace a living reality, not just a "fair but empty phrase."

Do you remember, back in 1917, the slogan: "Give till it hurts!"? That was for war. Your dollars were bullets. You killed men with them. Do you care as much about peace, now, as then you cared about war? Will you give as much -- sacrifice as much?

If you will, you can have peace now.

Will you? Will you sign the enclosed slip, today, and send all you can afford to the EMERGENCY FOREIGN POLICY CONFERENCE, 156 Fifth Avenue, New York City -- and let's make this the peace to end war!

Sincerely yours

Paxton P Hibben [signed]

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