Sarolta Karolina Zichy to Jane Addams, July 16, 1921


Dear Miss [Addams],

I received your kind letter a few days ago and see that you don't know yet when you shall be able to go to Hungary.

Lately I have been so poorly that I was ordered to come to the Semmering for my health where I am lodging at the [page 2] Kurhaus and shall not return for months either to Hungary nor to the [Slowakei].

If you are still in Vienna it would be so good of you to come and see me here and have luncheon with me. There are several trains and it is quite easy to visit this beautiful place over a day specially if you had an [automobile] at your disposal.

Please write a word to tell me if you could come and when that would be, I shall be so [page 3] so happy to see you after many years of sad experiences.

Believe me dear Miss [Addams]

yours Truly

Sarolta Zichy

Kurhaus 1921
16 July

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