Miss Jane Addams in China, May 12, 1923


Miss Jane Addams in China


Miss Jane Addams

Miss Jane Addams, America's most noted woman leader and outstanding for her world citizenship as well, has spoken to crowded houses on several occasions in Shanghai during the last week. Miss Addams spent from May 3 to 10 in Shanghai, save for a two days trip to Hangchow, and is now en route to Peking. She has been absent from America since last autumn, when she attended the Women's International Congress and the League of Nations meeting in Geneva, and has spent most of the intervening time in the Orient. So closely does Miss Addams keep in touch, however, with current issues, that she spoke to the Community Church on Sunday afternoon on "Public Opinion in America on the League of Nations," claiming that foreign residents of Shanghai because of their detachment may make an impartial and therefore valuable study of the League of Nations on its own merits and not on partisan grounds.

Miss Addams' one appearance before the general community was at a mass meeting held at the Carlton Theatre on Wednesday, May 9, at six o'clock, when she spoke on "Some Phases of Internationalism." The meeting was called by the women's organizations of Shanghai. The committee in charge was composed of Mrs. H. G. Simms for the British Women's Association, Dr. Anne Fearn and Miss Viola Smith (chairman) for the American Woman's Club, Mrs. [Carleton] Lacy for the American Association of University Women, Mrs. T. K. M. Siao for the Shanghai Women's Club, Mrs. George Hsu for the Shanghai Women's Rights League, Mrs. H. C. Mei, Mrs. S. M. Woo, Mrs. E. L. Marsh and Miss Rosalee Venable for the Young Women's Christian Association, Mrs. T. Funatsu for the Japanese Women's Club, Fran G. Mueller and Fraulein Dr. Wachsmut for the German Women's Club, Mme. Grobois representing the French and Mme. Grosse and Mrs. Stone-Deschuizsky representing the Russian women of the community.