Carolena Morris Wood to Old German Workers, August 7, 1922



August 7, 1922.

Dear Old German Workers:

Do you remember one of our helpful workers in Berlin, Herr E. von Gaisberg?

As you know he was with the English Friends for two or three years there. Before that he had been about fifteen years in England in banking work, and afterward as Executive Secretary for the Sir Ernest Cassel Foundation for the relief of Germans in distress in England.

He has now been a year in the United States in a broker's office in lower Broadway. Thus, you will see that he has had both financial and social service training. He would now very much like to get out of the broker's office and into some more human work. I think he would be perfectly splendid where good financial judgment was needed in connection with some charitable work.

Something like a charitable secretary for some financial man, to take charge of his charitable work or to look after funds of various kinds. He would be a boon to the right person because as you know he has charming manners and delightful intuition with a good amount of efficiency.

Can you suggest any method by which he would find the right corner in our hustling America? I should so like to find the right place for him, for he was a joy to me the year I was working with the English Friends in Berlin.

Greetings from

Yours sincerely,

Carolena M Wood [signed]

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