Flora B. Guiteau to Jane Addams, November 30, 1910.

315 Douglas Avenue
Freeport, Illinois.
November 30. 1910.

My dear Jane.

Accept my hearty thanks for my autograph copy of your beautiful new book, the last and best of all, to me. Mrs. Peattie in the Tribune expresses just what I feel about it; I think she has said just the right thing in her review. Your style is as charming as your experiences are vivid, which makes most interesting reading. You are a [page 2] help to me whenever I think of you, and I am thankful for your friendship, and for the strength it gives me.

What a pleasure to Miss Nora Hamilton and Mr. Hazenplug to have had a share in making the book!

We are in our new home, [Lute] and I, and it is a very pretty cozy cottage of six rooms and bath; just right, our callers say. I'll tell you about it soon and shall hope you will see it [page 3] before the winter is over. Do come and bring some one with you. I am glad that Weber is at home; and wrote him to that effect some time ago.

Did the strike wear you all out? Love to H. H.

Always devotedly yours,

Flora Guiteau