Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, November 16, 1910



The Uries were here to dine last night very happy of course, but a little disconcerted by the discovery that there was no way of heating their new flat. They may give it up after all and take their [chances] on a spot in the house. Dr Urie was much concerned that you do not love your fruits and Dr Gehring along of Dr Schaffer. I said that it seemed to me that Dr G. had really dismissed the case but [page 2] if the patient refused to leave the [village?] that he was powerless. I do not know about it of course, but her mother evidently realized that Dr G. did not want her to stay.

It is fine that you needn't go back after Xmas. I hope that you will never have to go back save as a summer boarder perhaps. I am in much better form the last four days and while the strike is far from [page 3] settled, I do not feel as distressed about it. The strike committee passed a "vote of confidence" in me on Thursday which was amusing and at the same time reassuring. It was meant to spur me on to further efforts in arbitration but the [entire game] seems blocked for the moment at least. Mr Hart is very angry over the citizen's report and refuses to communicate.

The book is due today (16th) [page 4] but nothing has arrived yet. We discovered an awful mistake or rather a man in Kansas did, that we had Luther nail up his thesis in Worms instead of Wittenberg and I had a new plate made at my expense which delayed it still more. It all seems remote to me and of little consequence.

Always Dearest One, yrs

J. A.

Thank you for the check. Miss Pope is doing our visiting. The Italians are great whiner but have full cause.

Nov 16" 1910