Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, ca. March 20, 1922 (fragment)


[page(s) missing] tions for Russia which it would be [safer] to send in to the Nansen Commissariat through us allowing them to be credit to our quota of overhead expenses. It takes rather intelligent people to be glad to have their contributions go to administrative expenses and yet a check in New York cannot become rye bread in Saratov without some work & expense; also the keeping the contributions for administrative expenses separate makes possible the effective announcement that no contributions go for administration or overhead.

How I should like to see you! Tell your young people what nice summer schools we are going to have this summer one in Italy (on the lakes), one in Lauenstein in Germany.

Yours affectionately

Emily G Balch

Your discretion will ready perceive that part of what is said above about the Health Commission is quite of a confidential nature.