Harriet E. Sigsbee to Jane Addams, October 19, 1910


Carr - Colo. Oct-19th

My dear Miss Adams.

I have read your article in the American Magazine and want to write just a few words specifically to tell you how much they are appreciated and I am sure I speak for many both men and women all over this land. I am here in Colo on an homestead but I have never forgotten a talk you gave to the [I.T.S.] 7 years on Child Labor in the South. I fancied at that time you thought we were [three illegible words] but we are a class of women not accustomed to speak in public especially the private duty nurses but [page 2] nevertheless that talk has not only been remembered by me but many others and the picture you drew of the starving people in the E. end of London I not only could see them but feel them and it seems to me instead of crime causing poverty it is more the reverse: To most of us are given the smaller problems of life to solve and the little annoyances which are like a lot of mosquitoes darting here and there and biting everywhere that it is not always easy to keep sweet tempered, but you and others who are fighting for others who are not strong enough to fight for themselves are a great help to all who are striving to do their best to do the right at all times.

Sincerely Yours
Harriet E. Sigsbee
Mountain View Ranch
Carr Colo.