Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, January 15, 1925


January 15, 1925

Beloved Lady:

I am appending a list of names which Mr. Kennedy has sent to me as possibilities for the Barnett Fellowship Committee, and I am giving such memoranda as I can of those with whose interests, past and present, I have some familiarity.

R. Fulton Cutting was an original friend of the settlements, I think dating back to Reynolds. He was for many years President of the Association for the Improvement of the Poor.

Roger [R.] Bowker was at one time on the board of the University Settlement. He is interested in civil service reform. He is now retired, but he is affiliated with the early social workers.

Felix Adler, you know.

Nicholas Murray Butler, (alas!) you know.

Mrs. Lawrence Abbott is the daughter-in-law of Lyman. As a girl she stood out with great significance for interest and interpretation of the boys' clubs.

Hamilton Holt was formerly on the board of the University Settlement ↑and also lived there, I [think.]↓ [page 2]

Mrs. Arthur [Curtiss] James is a millionaire, and supporter of Christadora House.

V. Everit Macy, for a long time on our board, is a public spirited man.

Will Irwin, you know. He was suggested, of course, for his liberal, social point of view.

Henry Bruere is an old Chicago Settlement man. He is now on the board of H.S.S.

Gerard Swope, "nuf said."

Robert [DeForest] is of the Fulton Cutting type. He is more interested at present in housing reform, Church ↑[Russell] Sage↓ Foundations, etc.

Charles C. Burlingham, a lawyer, is brilliant and a little flippant. He is on the H.S.S. Board.

Mrs. George Beer is on the board of Hudson Guild. She was suggested doubtless because of her husband's writings and her devotion to keep his place remembered.

Those who follow on the list were apparently suggested by some one else when I was not present at the meeting. I can only say that Edward S. Harkness' wife I think withdrew her very large support of the H.S.S. because of my dangerous political and social point of view! Her money had been given generously for years for service to colored people. [page 3]

Mrs. Helen [Hartley] Jenkins supplies the budget for [Hartley] House. She is a little bit "unusual," but she is a good ↑hearted↓ person none the less.

Leo Arnstein is  one ↑other↓ person whom I suggested. He met Canon Barnett in England. He has been on our board for years, and he is one of our most valuable men.

Affectionately yours,

L. D. W.

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House