John Palmer Gavit to Jane Addams, January 7, 1925


Geneva, Jan. 7. 1925.

Dear Miss Addams: --

Doubtless you have seen before this old verse of mine; -- never before anyway was it so appropriate, with 5,000 miles of the delusion called space intervening. Our affection goes out to you consciously and actively a great deal oftener than you would believe, and we are unceasingly grateful for all you have been to us, all these years, of inspiration and [appalling?] example. Mrs. Gavit and I are spending the winter (and perhaps indefinitely longer) in Geneva, observing the League of Nations. We have just been talking of you with Mrs. Zueblin. We talked with him here last September, only a week before he died -- as it is called.


John P. Gavit

c/o Thos. Cook & Son.