Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, February 26, 1911


Feby 26" 1911

My dear Alice

When are you planning to come in to Chicago?

I have an appointment at Springfield on March 7th and at Birmingham Ala. on the 9th and 10th and will come out to Cedarville either before or after that, according to your plans.

I have been home a week but arranging for Col. Roosevelt's visit at Hull-House has seemed to take up much of that time. [page 2]

Do write me a line about the household at Cedarville and I haven't heard how Marcet's new play is pulling off. She was very eager for it when I saw her in N.Y.

Mr Bowen is very seriously ill, and while there may be no immediate danger Dr Favill is very grave as to the outcome. Miss Culver also who has been down with severe [encephalitis?](?) is better. I have many things to tell of Aunt Jane & Clara but will wait until I see you all. With love to all the family [illegible]. Always your loving sister

Jane Addams

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