Joseph Skutch to Jane Addams, February 20, 1911


BROOKLYN, N. Y., Febr 20th 1911

Miss Jane Addams Chicago Ill.

Dearest miss,

I read with delight your curious [dream] of the deserted village, the blacksmith-shop equipped with [anvill] and tools and the bright burning fire.

Wasn't it queer yet. I can [assure] you that your dream was only a very mild premonition of the reality, which will happen in the future not very far off. There will be more than one [pigeon] toed little girls and boys left, but no houses, [neither] tools of any kind, and no burning fires.

The Mamas and Papap has perished in the [Cataclysm], and so the few [pigeon] toed and bandy legged mortals which survived will have to return to first principals or perish. Do you think you could build a fire if you [page 2] had no matches? Or get a meal, if you would find yourself in a desert waste, or on a mountain ridge?

Miss Addams! You have the ability and prestige to inaugurate a new departure to instruct the young, to be able to care for themself without the aid of the delicatessen store and the bakery. For I must repeat, that the time is not far off when we will be called upon. If these interest you I will be pleased to give you Scientific explanations -- as to my prestige as physicist-–I can refer you to [R]. B. Macon Representative of Arkansas. I supplied him with the weapons to fight the [false] claims of Commander Peary.

I also can refer you to Jesse L. Smith, the President of the Geographic Society of [page 3] Chicago Ill.

I was an active member of that Scientific body for two years.

Awaiting your reply

I am very truly yours,
Joseph Skutch
550 Dekalb Ave
Brooklyn, NY

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