Jane Addams to Albert Joseph Kennedy, December 22, 1924


December 22, 1924

My dear Mr. Kennedy:

Won't you get out the letters to these various people and allow me to sign them, with you acting as Secretary of the special committee, ↑with my signature as↓ Chairman. I think you have the matter in mind very much better than I, and if the Executive Committee at the meeting in New York could pass upon it and then ↑we↓ send it on to the people whom you suggest, we could perhaps get ↑the money↓ it together in time for the European conference.

I think your idea of three classes of delegates is very good, and I should be very happy to leave the choice of them ↑and of [the?]↓ Treasurer to the Committee. I shall be very glad indeed to have Professor [Farnam] or a member of the Committee. My objection to giving it too much to the University was simply that they already have dozens of European scholarships, and I did not want to hand over ↑to them↓ the one little "ewe lamb" belonging to the settlements.

I am sending you an invitation to our Juvenile Court celebration of which I am Chairman, and which shows you how impossible it would be for me to be away on January 3rd.

May I ask you to present your ↑own↓ letter with its suggestions to the Committee with my hope that they will act upon them ↑[formally?]?↓

↑With all good Xmas wishes, I am faithfully yours↓ Jane Addams. [signed]


I am sending an etching of the Music School & another of the court for your [archives].↓